Fire Safety Engineering

C10 Accredited Fire Safety Engineering Services

Certified Building Specialists offer our clients the flexibility to implement innovative design solutions without the constraints of prescriptive building regulations by offering the highest level of Fire Safety Engineering accreditation in New South Wales (C10) and in Victoria (RPB).
In accordance with the International Fire Engineering Guidelines (IFEG), we provide a diverse range of performance based Fire Engineering Services to assist clients in achieving the highest level of fire and life safety. This allows compliance flexibility to suit innovative and non-conventional buildings designed outside the parameters of prescriptive building regulations.

Certified Building Specialists can also provide independent Fire Safety Engineering Peer Review services on existing fire engineering briefs and reports. In these reviews, engineering parameters and methodologies are assessed and can be verified via the issuing of a fire engineering compliance certificate or report.
Fire safety systems within buildings are integral to property protection and life safety design. To ensure fire safety compliance, we offer comprehensive fire safety auditing of buildings including the witnessing and verification of systems interface, testing and commissioning.